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Hardwood flooring is one of, if not the largest, investment in your home.  Hardwood flooring can be negatively impacted by water damage more so than most other types of flooring.  Whether solid site finished hardwood, or engineered hardwood, water and wood are not a good combination.  If a water leak occurs in your home, from one of the many water sources throughout your home, (washing machine, ice maker, water line, water heater, toilet) or if water finds its way in through the roof or an exterior wall, identifying the source is crucial.  If you can stop or turn off the source of water, do so quickly.  Often times, if not stopped immediately, leaks that derive from freshwater pipes run continuously until the water is shut off at the source, thus giving the water plenty of time to find its way under the hardwood flooring, plywood underlayment, and plastic moisture barrier.  While it may seem futile, drying your wood floors with towels and a wet-dry vac are recommended to help reduce the spread of water and minimize damage.  Once the water has found its way under the hardwood flooring, subfloor and plastic moisture barrier it can take months, and in some extreme cases years before the water dries out.  Water takes the path of least resistance, and this is why a leak in one area of your home may still impact the hardwood floors several feet away, or even in other areas of your home.  Mold can start to grow within 72 hours, therefore Uptown Wood Floors recommends calling a reputable water mitigation company to extract any excessive amounts of water and begin the drying process on any walls the water may have traveled through.  While there are some mitigation companies that will attempt to dry hardwood flooring using drying mats, in most cases once a mitigation company is needed the water damage is too severe for this technique to be effective.  Immediate removal of the water damaged wood is the most effective way to stop the migration of water and keep damage to a minimum.  

When water damage happens in their home, homeowners often call their insurance company to file a claim.  Your insurance company can refer you to one of their subcontractors, or you can choose to select your own flooring contractor.  Uptown Wood Floors  will work with you to help you communicate with your insurance company, and make sure all of the steps are taken to ensure your home is restored properly, often times saving you time and money.

Uptown Wood Floors is at the forefront when it comes to tile, grout, marble, and natural stone restoration and maintenance in the DFW metroplex.  We utilize time proven techniques to clean, restore, and polish; marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine, slate, ceramic, and porcelain surfaces.  During your free in-home consultation we will provide detailed information about what to expect and how to maintain your floors after the restoration has been completed.  Whether we are working in your home or outside on your flagstone patio, avoid costly tile, natural stone, and grout replacement with our restoration services.

All stone surfaces need to be cleaned on a regular bases; not only for appearance but for the health and preservation of the stone.  Professional cleaning once per year will help maintain and preserve marble and other natural stone surfaces, especially floors.  Slate, brick and Mexican or Saltillo tiles are all very porous clay tiles and cannot be polished.  However, they can be professionally cleaned and given a brighter, glossier finish using the proper color enhancers and wet look or low luster finishes. No matter how diligently you clean, your tile floors may still look dull and your grout remains discolored, with our restoration services we are able to bring your floors back to a like-new condition.